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Maybe it was some kind of divine wind that pushed me up the steps to the ALC7 meeting. Maybe it was my guilt of not being able to help. Or maybe it was the spirits of my good friends who lead me to the ALC7 office that night. I’ll never truly know but I went to the meeting and signed up. It was the best decision I had ever made. I have been training and fundraising since September and now I have the power to make a difference. One day when I meet up with my friends who have gone before me, I can tell them that in honor of them and the millions of people living with AIDS/HIV, I became part of the education, care and the search for a cure.

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You were disappointed because you ONLY made it 91 miles today?????

Cousin, you are too awesome for words. This ride is clearly going to change your life!

What an inspiration you are!

Brendan Patrick

Message from Brendan's dad Jerry. Your 91 miles, is 991% more than 91% of the rest of the world did today!
And, your determination, spirit and dedication is 105 miles and 100% awesome human being.
Love Jerry and Janne - King City California.


Thank you for sharing. Be very proud of yourself. You have done a tremendous job. 91 miles is amazing.

thank you

Marie (Wife of Rider #5490)

What an inspiration you are. May the wind be behind you tomorrow! On to Paso Robles! Ride hard and safe. You are doing FANTASTIC! I can't even fathom doing half of that!



I'm on the east coast,I get up in the morning to read yesturday news.YOU ROCK.The thought of doing what your doing,Freaks me out.YOUR DOING GREAT,and for a great cause.I send you some angel feathers to help on day 3.


No need to be bummed about being swept, your doing great. Winds are a B***H!! Be pround for the attempt, and go get 'um tomorrow.


Hey Shawnet-You are MORE than 91/103 miles of fantastic determination and success! You did the day, beat the winds, saw the beauty, & can be PROUD!Ride ON! YOU GO GIRL!


Great job! Keep going girl, you can do it! No turning back now :)

Love you,
Whipper Snapper



You are amazing. Keep up the good work. Know you have a lot of loving spirts with you. I get tired just thinking about 91 miles. You go girlfriend. I'll be thinking of you every step of the way.
Love ya, Christy

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