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Maybe it was some kind of divine wind that pushed me up the steps to the ALC7 meeting. Maybe it was my guilt of not being able to help. Or maybe it was the spirits of my good friends who lead me to the ALC7 office that night. I’ll never truly know but I went to the meeting and signed up. It was the best decision I had ever made. I have been training and fundraising since September and now I have the power to make a difference. One day when I meet up with my friends who have gone before me, I can tell them that in honor of them and the millions of people living with AIDS/HIV, I became part of the education, care and the search for a cure.

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What a journey this is for you and everyone else. I love reading the your experience and that of the other riders.

You are just tooooo cool. Be full of deserve it.

Let me be the first to ask...what are you doing in next June? ;)

Mom in Atlanta

Thanks for the great writeups about each of your days on the Lifecycle7 trip. My daughter rode, too, and through your words I was able to learn how the trip was going and what she was experiencing. Congratulations on making a difference! and for finishing the ride!


Hey Shawnet-The East Coaster here-eager to read your great blog a day later. Love your descriptions of Day 6-can almost smell the jasmine and see the Pacific! Finally rolling hills and ICE CREAM-you deserved them! Congrats!!! YOU GO GIRL! Love you!


Hey girl you are a big hit on the east coast.I won't to tell you how greatful I am that you shared this time with us. you rock girl.thank you again

Acai berry

I just want to get on with this already so we can do the surgery and get back ... Wow, what a day.

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