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I decided to participate in AIDS Life Cycle 6 because my brother Chris passed away from AIDs in 1994. I ride to honor him and the many others who have passed from this disease.

Participating in this ride has come to mean more to me than just riding my little bike. It has changed me in ways I never would have expected. I’m a bit more out going now, a bit more sure of myself, a bit more sassy (if you can believe that) and a bit lighter (about 50lbs lighter) than when I started. I really wanted to give back but it seems I’ve gotten more out of this than I’ve given.




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Lorri Lee Lown

Whew! I'm relieved all is well. Congratulations on another successful day, my friend. BTW, I've always said Day 5 is the hardest. It's the shortest, but it's the hardest with the toughest hills. Enjoy the ride tomorrow. Paradise Pit is the best!!!


Oh Annette you are almost there! One more day, by the time you read this. Kari is all set her with car tags and two free tickets to Disneyland. Duke is still doing great and we are enjoying going for walks/jogs around your hood. Have fun on your last day!!!

Arleen Sacay

Glad to see you blogging again! My husband (Solomon, #6259) is riding & your blog is what gives me an idea of what he goes through. Although I talk to him daily, he doesn't go through all the details - nor does he have time! Thank you....

Neal Adams

Annette, I was unable to ride this year due to other commitments ALC week, so I've had to live vicariously through your blogs.
Thanks for writing them! Keep on peddling through this effin' ride. :) I love ALC and I've been going through a tough withdrawal this year. :) I really miss it. Enjoy, congratulations and maybe I'll see you out there next year. Neal CAR 8, ALC 3,4,5 (See how we wear our CAR/ALCs proudly?) :)

Jaime Merrifield

Hi Annette, glad you are back, was worried about you and Erin, take care enjoy your last day!!!!Thanks for such a big/great effort after your long cycle days Jaime Merrifield

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