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I decided to participate in AIDS Life Cycle 6 because my brother Chris passed away from AIDs in 1994. I ride to honor him and the many others who have passed from this disease.

Participating in this ride has come to mean more to me than just riding my little bike. It has changed me in ways I never would have expected. I’m a bit more out going now, a bit more sure of myself, a bit more sassy (if you can believe that) and a bit lighter (about 50lbs lighter) than when I started. I really wanted to give back but it seems I’ve gotten more out of this than I’ve given.




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Lorri Lee Lown

Congratulations! What an incredible two days you've had, Annette. I hope your body is feeling well. Try to relax a little tomorrow. Day 3 will be the hardest (physically and mentally). Smile, breathe, and enjoy the ride!!!


I'm so PROUD of you!!!! Congratulations on your 1st century. Way to hang in there, I know Day 2 is a really long day but you did it. You are my hero!!! Keep pedaling. Look left and right as the scenery only gets better. Michael and I are right there with you cheering you on. Lots of huggs - Sandra


You don't know me but I have been reading your blog and looking at the photos on the website since you started and I just wanted to give you a note of encouragement. To me, you're riding for my daughter, as well as your brother and everyone who lives or has lived with HIV. You go, girl!



Congrats--you keep kicking that road's ass.

 A friend

I'm tired just reading your blog. You make it sound more like a job, than a benefit ride. I hope tommorrow goes better for you, as it tests your strengths even more than todays century. Remember to enjoy the sites as you go by, after all, that is one of the most beautiful areas in our nation, it would be a shame to miss so much of it. Don't worry about not making the 7pm deadline, you would rather remember the mountains, ocean, and everything in-between; than pedalling your ass off, just so you didn't have to get "picked up." I'm so jealous, that is a spiritual journey of emense proportions. Enjoy and good luck...

Jaime Merrifield

Dear Annette, YOU KEEP GOING GIRL!!!! Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart for your blogging, I just can imagine how hard it would be to write after such long days especially your first CENTURY ride WAY TO GO!!!!! It is so great for me because I am getting into shape after long years of neglect and illness to my poor getting OLD body, and I am getting better and I am inspired by your story, I want to try to ride next year with my sister too who is on this years ride with a chronic illness of her own that she has wrestled under the carpet to turn out and do her first ride. She is #1840 Tray on Team 100 from LA if you see her give her a hug. She is a twin (are you and Yolanda twins?) but I am her older sister. You GO GIRL and bless you and I know Chris is with you every single revolution of your and Rayne's wheel . (See you make me feel good I got my first road bike in 19 years less then a month ago, mostly inspired by my sis, disabled as I am, and without $$$ but I made it happen...and it isn't that light either....)and named her Elletry......she and I are up to 40 minutes 6 times a week.........and counting.......maybe next year.....) So, thank you thank you, and many HUGS to keep you going, I will read every day and just for a few moments feel like I am there with you, my sister Tray and all the other 2,331 riders and roadies.......and for EVERY SINGLE PERSON NOW and ALWAYS living and not living with this horrid disease, and 11 million hugs for every dollar you all have raised and the wonderful awareness you all have brought and the touching way that this effort lets all of us know that we can truly change the worlsd and create a kinder gentler world by surrounding ourselves with others who care, and you can TRULY do whatever you set your mind too......Thank you so much for this blog it really means a lot to me Jaime Merrifield, Mesa Arizona

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