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I was born and raised in the Netherlands and currently live in Amsterdam. In 1999 I started working as a producer for Dutch television. Three years ago I had the privilege to make a highly acclaimed series on young people and diseases. The title: Shit Happens. And that’s exactly how these young people felt about their sometimes life-threatening afflictions: there’s more to life than my disease. Producing this series has given me a great sense of fulfillment and it inspired me to do ALC5, ALC6 and god knows how many more ALC’s. For me this ride is a positive way to create awareness of HIV/AIDS.




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Jaime Merrifield

Dear Bart,
Thank you for your entertaining faithful blog. It has been very fun to read and imagine doing this even from as far away as Holland! I am glad you learned this year we are not as isolationist or untraveled as you thought, (I will try not to be TOO political but if I were European these days I may think the majority of Americans are war mongering isolationist idiots from our international "politics".......but enough of that....)Thank God! I lived in Europe in my last 2 years of highschool and loved it. I love to experience different cultures and languages, but don't know much Dutch....yet. My sister #1840 Tray is one of my heroes now with all of you too, she is doing the ride with her own chronic illness and I am very proud of her. I heard she has bronchitis and is still trying to finish, she is on Team 100 from LA and I have seen some of her teammates in photos but not her yet. If you see her please give her a hug and let her know her big sister is sending love and support her way, and for all of you on the road, and especially you bloggers THANK YOU for helping me experience it a little bit each night. I can imagine after some of these days it is a big effort to write....take care GO BART GO God bless and lots of hugs and best wishes and thoughts for your last 2 days.)and now it seems I do not have an excuse for not coming from as "far away" as Arizona!) Sincerely, Jaime Merrifield


Greetings Bart,

I can't wait to sit down at my computer each morning to read my son's, James Ferguson, daily blogs along with your entertaining entries. Your humor, observations on American life and overall descriptions of your daily experiences are so enjoyable that I dread the thought of this year's ride coming to an end. You, James and others have inspired me to consider riding next year just to be a part of the great ALC community. May your knees remain strong, and your tires inflated for these final days in California.
Warmly, Joannes


Bart- Did you meet Jeff(#1542)? He is of Dutch Indonesian decent as well as another person riding.Small world really! Your ride looked so beautiful.

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