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I was born and raised in the Netherlands and currently live in Amsterdam. In 1999 I started working as a producer for Dutch television. Three years ago I had the privilege to make a highly acclaimed series on young people and diseases. The title: Shit Happens. And that’s exactly how these young people felt about their sometimes life-threatening afflictions: there’s more to life than my disease. Producing this series has given me a great sense of fulfillment and it inspired me to do ALC5, ALC6 and god knows how many more ALC’s. For me this ride is a positive way to create awareness of HIV/AIDS.




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ghey vladimir! Klinkt allemaal super goed joh daar! Doe Mike de groetjes als je em weer tegenkomt :) ! Succes nog verder! groetjes astrid


Happy cycling Bart--great report. Since you asked about the No on A signs, here goes: in CA we have something called the initiative process, which means if you get enough people to sign a petition you can put an initiative on the ballot for people to vote on. OK so far? In Monterey County where you where on Monday, A is a ballot initiative to limit growth in farmland areas--the signs are asking people to vote no.

Karen Zimmerman

Hi Bart!
I love reading your blogs, and I send a tailwind to you.
My wife, Debra is doing the ride with you.
I was fortunate enough to do the very first California AIDS ride in 1994, as well as the CAR 3 in 1996 (where I met my sweetheart). It can still make me cry with joy and memories.
I just wanted to let you know what Measure "A" is (I looked it up on the web). It is a land-use measure that would require a vote of the people of Monterey to OK any development of agricultural land into residential homes. Apparently a 'yes' would implement a slow-growth requirement (a good thing in my opinion). I hope that answers your question, and I hope to hear from you sometime.
Ride like the wind!
All the best,


Hey Bart. Goede verhalen van je. Je bent er bijna ontzettende kei. We denken elke dag aan je, en iedereen vraagt hoe het met je is ook onze voice over man Arlo!
Vandaag verhuisd en je bureau staat klaar voor je. Heel veel succes en tot snel. Olaf namens de Gorilla's op de Steynlaan.

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