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I was born and raised in the Netherlands and currently live in Amsterdam. In 1999 I started working as a producer for Dutch television. Three years ago I had the privilege to make a highly acclaimed series on young people and diseases. The title: Shit Happens. And that’s exactly how these young people felt about their sometimes life-threatening afflictions: there’s more to life than my disease. Producing this series has given me a great sense of fulfillment and it inspired me to do ALC5, ALC6 and god knows how many more ALC’s. For me this ride is a positive way to create awareness of HIV/AIDS.




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I noticed that there are not a lot of people at the pit stop with you in the picture. Either you are very fast or very slow. I imagine the former. Best wishes for your spectacular ride.

Wayne campbell

Welcome back to the states! Keep up the descriptions and comparisons for those in the nether-lands. I'll be looking forward to catching up with you when you are finished.

Amy Chayefsky

Bart, how good to read about your experience. I had a good chuckle at your comment about Americans not traveling. We do presently breed alot of internal fear here, but my niece (19) just traveled to the Netherlands, spending much of her time in Amsterdam, and hostels in the area. My cousin moved to the Netherlands many years ago and is still there raising her family.

SO while we Americans grumble about traveling, mostly it's finances - HAHA! NOT politics. My beloved nephew Chris Cole is the Director of Aids Lifecycle, if you see him send him my love! I am incredibly proud of him and the work done by the remarkable and dedicated people who surround and support him.

Safe journey - thank you for all you do, hugs of support! A :)


good luck the upcoming days, riding your butt skimpy (schraal?) !
huggs from the NETH


Americans in general don't travel abroad? This is proven by the amount of people that own a passport. I find someone who tried to find the formal statistics, and he found out it that in published articles is said that the % of people who owns a passport varies from 7% up till 25%......

The other way around: let's say it is 20%, then still it is nominal about 60 million people that do travel!


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