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I'm a legal news writer who recently returned to the sunny skies and laid-back atmosphere of San Diego after a two-year stint in the hustle and bustle of New York City. Kicking off my first year at ALC, I’m working as a roadie for the Gear & Tent Team, which takes charge of loading and unloading equipment and tents. The job description entails lifting more than 60 pounds, so the cyclists won’t be the only ones getting a good workout.




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Tom Osborne

Erin, the riders are awesome but they know they couldn't do it without you. I'm glad you got through the first day in one piece, with both eyes, and with your hands clean and uncontaminated (I guess the roadies better add some wipes to the supply list!). I hope your spirits stay high and your truck never breaks down.

Chuck Dazols

Erin, Good to hear that your first day was a success. It is great that you and Julie decided to tackle this. Hope you stay upbeat and the rest of your days are as positive as the first. I am thinking of you while you are out there lugging those bags around. Take care, and know that what you are doing has a major impact on the success of this ride.


Erin - although we have never met know that you are doing an amazing thing. I have watched the cycle on the sidelines for a few years and want to become a roadie in the upcoming years. Having lost my uncle to HIV I want to say thank you for all you are doing to raise awareness!!!!

Jean Terheyden

Erin, I'm so proud of you, Julie and Lisa. THe Three Amigos reunited again.

Love Jean

Maurice Alcock

Erin: Gear Crew Rocks! I was on gear a couple times and had a great time and met a whole bunch of awesome people. I found if I got up early (4am) shower and breakfast lines were short then I was ready to spend the whole day helping people and cheering the riders when they come in especially the really late ones on those hard days. Yeah I remember unloading trucks cause someone forgot something, then again we got to sleep on the trucks, do they still do that? Hey maybe see you next year, I'm coming back, along with my sisters and nieces and who knows who else will show up-have a great ride experience and thanks for blogging to! Maurice

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