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I'm a legal news writer who recently returned to the sunny skies and laid-back atmosphere of San Diego after a two-year stint in the hustle and bustle of New York City. Kicking off my first year at ALC, I’m working as a roadie for the Gear & Tent Team, which takes charge of loading and unloading equipment and tents. The job description entails lifting more than 60 pounds, so the cyclists won’t be the only ones getting a good workout.




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Jeremy Biane

Chocolate? Well, well. Now we know the REAL resason you went. Don't play ignorant, I'm sure you knew it was coming.
And I don't know what's so great about Mason. Maybe you didn't notice, but he totally misspelled like six words.

Seriously, it's great to hear you're already in full swing and rolling with the punches (which I imagine is where at least a few of those bruises came from). I'm really enjoying your blogs - who knew all that reporting experience would be useful?
Keep it up, kiddo. Can't wait to hear about tomorrow's adventures.

Jaime Merrifield

Dear Erin, thanks for writing, it helps to experience it in my mind, keep up the good work, bruises of honor and all!!!! I am trying to experience this because my sister is riding, (Tray # 1840 from Team 100 in LA) thank you for helping all the 2333 riders and all the roadies too, my hats off to you! Thanks for writing at the end of a long day, it is really meaningful to me. Jaime Merrifield

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