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About two and a half years ago during my last year in graduate school I decided to play around with crystal meth. I think we all know where this story goes and yes, I did live the stereotypical gay life for about 7 or 8 months after that experiment. My addiction quickly developed in which I dropped out of school, lost an apartment including all of my belongings and completely separated myself from my family. The only thing I was interested in doing was shooting up meth and hanging out with people who did the same. Needless to say, I contracted the HIV virus during this period of time. My family saved me though by forcing me into a rehab program that saved my life! Now that I have survived that ordeal, I recognize that it is time to give back to society in any way that I can. Riding in the AIDS/LifeCycle 6 event is allowing me to begin making up the damage I caused to society during my time as a drug addict.




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Jaime Merrifield

Hey James! Jaime Merrifield again, you keep going! I am proud of you, maybe I will have to do it next year too, go for it and keep up the good work, thanks so much for blogging, it means a lot to those of us that are not there and can live through it a little bit with you, I imagine when you are really tired how hard it must be to write too!!!! But thanks for doing it it means a lot!!! Jaime Merrifield


Hey James,
Nate and I really look foward to reading about your day, and by the time you read this you'll be over half way home yaay!
Lv, Gillian

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