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I began my affair with ALC as a roadie for ALC6, helping to feed both riders and roadies alike. Moving to the West Coast has been a physical renaissance for me, seeing me play softball and take up road biking for a few of the firsts in my 37 years. My bike, Clyde, is the first bike I've owned since I was 15 yrs old and certainly the first one I've paid for on my own. As much as for the personal physical challenge, I am riding with the hope that renewed energy toward support of those living with HIV/AIDS and continued vigor towards education and research toward prevention and a cure will see the end of this senseless pandemic in my lifetime. I ride with the support of many, MANY amazing individuals such as my family, my boyfriend, friends, co-workers and my pets.

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Jason Kennedy


You're the F'in BEST Mister. Thank you so much for riding.

I knew that day at work in that meeting, when you started talking about the got that glow, I knew you'd get. Then....when you started getting all tear'y telling everyone as much as you could in a language that, for the first week back, in completely unspeakable to those who have not experienced such a "moving" journey. Thanks for keeping that fire burning (besides the saddle sores burning). You'll do GREAT.

Love, Jason & Chris

Ba Ba

I know you're counting down the hours and want you to know how awesome I think you are!!


CONGRATS on your day!
We are SO SO SO very proud of you! Looking forward to seeing you on the other side!
BIG BIG love, Howie & Nath

Margerie DuBois

Hi Shawn: Thanks for your blog. It's great to hear how you are doing. Please give your friend Jessica my love and encouragement on your ride.

Jen Layman

Shawn, I am so proud of you and what you have accomplished in the last year! Congratulations! We love and support you every mile of the ride! Big Kisses! Jen and David

Faye (Mom)

I am so very proud of you and what you are doing. Everyone here sends love and prayers for you and all the riders. You are doing a wonderful job with the blog. Stay safe. Mom

Robin Whittington

I've been reading your blog, and I feel so honored to have met you over Memorial Day weekend. You're a great inspiration!! Good luck out there and be safe!

Love, Robin & Josh



Your blogs bring tears to my eyes everyday. You are SO inspirational!
I love you and can't wait to hug and kiss you in person on Saturday!!



Julie Koko

I was wondering where the hell you were, DUH!?! I shook down the temp like the PI I am and now I have some good reading to catch up on during the 3 am feedings. I am so incredibly proud of you, I know how hard you have worked for this GO SHAWN GO SHAWN!


Laura Cappello

Hi Shawn,
It was a pleasure to meet you this year via Danny! I think we carried Danny's spirit. It was always a joy to see you on the all our training rides and then on each day of the event!
I am unsure if I will ride again next year but hope to join in on some training rides - how knows, you might see me out there again!
Our flight on Monday was the 10:55 am flight. I looked for you but I bet you got the flight before us.
Hope you are back in SF enjoying our nice weather!
Take care,

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