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I began my affair with ALC as a roadie for ALC6, helping to feed both riders and roadies alike. Moving to the West Coast has been a physical renaissance for me, seeing me play softball and take up road biking for a few of the firsts in my 37 years. My bike, Clyde, is the first bike I've owned since I was 15 yrs old and certainly the first one I've paid for on my own. As much as for the personal physical challenge, I am riding with the hope that renewed energy toward support of those living with HIV/AIDS and continued vigor towards education and research toward prevention and a cure will see the end of this senseless pandemic in my lifetime. I ride with the support of many, MANY amazing individuals such as my family, my boyfriend, friends, co-workers and my pets.

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Keep up the good work, Shawn, and I hope your knee feels better. My wife and I did AIDS Ride 4 and 3, respectively (way back in 96-97), and my wife went to high school with your new friend Taya. Please tell Taya Josh and Mary send their best when you see her again, and we're enjoying reading about your great efforts.


I am loving your blogs. I am keeping close track of your, and everybody elses, adventures as my daughter is on the ride. It is so nice to be able to read what is happening and to watch the daily videos. Keep up the great work. And, if you meet a really cool chick, named Alecia, tell her her momma says hi.
Thank you again.

Marie (Wife of Rider #5490)

Shawn - You were right the quote of the day from day 1 was worth it to go back. I wish you a healed knee for tomorrow's ride! Keep the quotes coming...Ride Safely


No shame in taking care of the KC's! You'll need yours to push my fat old ass around in my wheelchair when we're at the gay retirement community in PS!
Classy in SF,
love Howie D.

David (dminmem)

You rock on two and four wheels! Take care of that knee. I hope it treats you well for day three.

I am so proud of you for what you and your fellow riders are doing for the community and I look forward to talking with you about it when you've reached L.A. xoxo d


You're doing fabulous my friend!!!!! Keep up the good work..BTW, I loved day one's quote. Hilarious. I might have to use it.

My thoughts and good energy are with you!


Sending healing vibes to that knee. Please be safe!! And enjoy every moment! You are inspiring us all. Love you,


You are doing sooo well Shawn and I am extremely proud of you!!! Keep posting stories from the road - they really give us great insight into your journey!

Take care of yourself and those around you. Best of luck along the way!


Hey love,
Again, congrats on your accomplishments. I miss the SHIT outta you and am anxiously awaiting your visit to SoFLa in the near future! Big Kisses~ Jen



You are doing fabulous, and i'm SOOOO PROUD of you! Keep it up:) xoxo...Marie

Jason Kennedy

hang in there tough guy. you're the best.

keep drinkin' that juice!!!!!

Jason, Chris and Charlie.

Stacie Murray

Your blogs continue to inspire me.
You are ZEE BEST!
I love you and am BEYOND proud of your sweet self.

Go GET those last two days TIGER!!


Racie Stacie

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