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I began my affair with ALC as a roadie for ALC6, helping to feed both riders and roadies alike. Moving to the West Coast has been a physical renaissance for me, seeing me play softball and take up road biking for a few of the firsts in my 37 years. My bike, Clyde, is the first bike I've owned since I was 15 yrs old and certainly the first one I've paid for on my own. As much as for the personal physical challenge, I am riding with the hope that renewed energy toward support of those living with HIV/AIDS and continued vigor towards education and research toward prevention and a cure will see the end of this senseless pandemic in my lifetime. I ride with the support of many, MANY amazing individuals such as my family, my boyfriend, friends, co-workers and my pets.

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Faye (Mom)

You are a Shining Star for your whole family. I could not be more proud of you. See, I have always told you that you could do anything you wanted to. Howard will give you a hug for me. Love you and wish I could have been there too. Mom

Jen Layman

I can't imagine how tired you must be... but hanging in there to do the right thing for this cause! You can do it- I know you can!
Wish I could see you cross the finish line! Big Kisses


You DEFINITELY ARE A SHINING STAR!!! I'm so proud of you sweetie:) xoxo...marie


HIGH FIVE! Go Shawn, go Shawn…you rockstar! Congrats on completing this amazing journey. I thought I’d have more time to send you words of support during my vacay, but there was surprisingly little downtime and WiFi; know that I was thinking about you the whole time! I can’t wait to hear more about it. Rest (and EAT) well; you certainly earned it!!



Look at you! This is an awesome accomplishment my friend. xoxo d

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