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I began my affair with ALC as a roadie for ALC6, helping to feed both riders and roadies alike. Moving to the West Coast has been a physical renaissance for me, seeing me play softball and take up road biking for a few of the firsts in my 37 years. My bike, Clyde, is the first bike I've owned since I was 15 yrs old and certainly the first one I've paid for on my own. As much as for the personal physical challenge, I am riding with the hope that renewed energy toward support of those living with HIV/AIDS and continued vigor towards education and research toward prevention and a cure will see the end of this senseless pandemic in my lifetime. I ride with the support of many, MANY amazing individuals such as my family, my boyfriend, friends, co-workers and my pets.

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Marie (Wife of ALC rider #5490 - Mike Hulswit)

Hilarious quote! You are an inspiration. We're rooting for you and all the amazing riders and roadies!


Hey guys, keep up the good work. You can do it! Tell Jessica I love her!!


Congratulations on the halfway mark everyone, keep up the good work, and keep up with the good blogging too.


Sounds like such an amazing adventure and challenge. I want in next year! Good luck today, keep it up, and thanks for another amazing blog posting. GO SHAWN GO! LY,MY!

Ice Queen

Thank you so much for taking the time to post these blogs every day. You are all amazing! Tell my Brat Prince (Philip) his Ice Queen misses him and his hugs!


Thanks for the great bloguage! What else is that Jessica doing? She's hilarious...and beautiful I'm sure. She REALLY sounds amazing. I just know she's amazing.


Way to go! Keep it up!!!!


WAY TO GO! The entire Dr. Fingerhut staff is cheering you on!!! xo Howie & Husband

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