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Shirley & Matt

Shirley and Matt

In October, Shirley signed up to ride AIDS/LifeCycle 7. And it wasn't long before Matt signed up to be a Roadie. Why - "well, AIDS has affected our lifes in so many ways. We have both lost people due to this disease. And we live it every day. We live with the fear of wondering what would happen if Matt's boss found out he was positive. Would they find a reason to fire him? We struggle with the medical care, medicines and side-effects. And we are blessed. Both of us are in fairly good health. Matt has been positive for 15 years, I've been positive for 10. ALC is an opportunity to give back, and to tell our community that HIV is still an issue. And of course to raise money to help other suffering from HIV. Also, I'm involved for personal reasons, I'm not getting any younger and I'm ready to make a statement that nearly 50 doesn't mean nearly over. *smiles*."

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