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Jon Garrison


I'm doing it again. Why? Wasn't last year enough? Close to 1,000 miles of training, hundreds of hours getting my body fit, worrying about raising enough funds to be part of the event, waking at 4AM way too many times to ride across the cold and foggy Golden Gate Bridge, tired, tired, and more tired. So why am I doing it again? Because AIDS still exists. It's real and tangible, present and fatal, and it knows no social or racial boundaries. I ride because I need to. Am I crazy? Perhaps. Committed? Most definitely. Through this ride I've been validated, come to terms with my disease, and found the strength to not only tell my own family, but the entire world. Today I shout proudly, I am alive... I am a 25 year old second year rider who has been living with HIV for the past five years.

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