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Jon Garrison


I'm doing it again. Why? Wasn't last year enough? Close to 1,000 miles of training, hundreds of hours getting my body fit, worrying about raising enough funds to be part of the event, waking at 4AM way too many times to ride across the cold and foggy Golden Gate Bridge, tired, tired, and more tired. So why am I doing it again? Because AIDS still exists. It's real and tangible, present and fatal, and it knows no social or racial boundaries. I ride because I need to. Am I crazy? Perhaps. Committed? Most definitely. Through this ride I've been validated, come to terms with my disease, and found the strength to not only tell my own family, but the entire world. Today I shout proudly, I am alive... I am a 25 year old second year rider who has been living with HIV for the past five years.

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Mark Briggs

The sound of you and the other riders cheering as you rode out of SF must have echoed across the city, as I suddendly awoke at 7am this morning.

When you asked me almost a year ago to join you on the ride, I knew instantly that it was something I wanted to do again. I wish that life's events and obstacles did not prevent me from riding alongside you this year. But I am there with you in spirit as you pedal.

I sit now looking at my photo album from when I did the ride 9 years ago. Tears are rolling down my face as I recall the emotions I felt at that time. It truly is a powerful experience. I was negative then, but now that I have been positive for 6 years, I know that if I do the ride, it will take on new meaning. It is definitely a goal I wish to pursue for next year.

I admire you greatly, Jon—for who you are and for the reasons why you choose to do the ride. I hope you have an amazing week!


Mom and Dad

Wow - I can't believe you're on your way. I wish it could have worked out that we could have met you in LA...maybe next year. We love you and are so proud of you. Hope you have a great, safe ride and your butt doesn't get to chaffed. Thinking of you always. Love, Mom and Dad


Jon, you don't know me, but your story inspires me and brings tears to my eyes and many smiles as I reflect on my own ride out 8 years ago in SF. It too was my acknowledgement of myself, living with this disease and coming out to family and friends. I wish you nothing but health, happiness and love for making this committment and for riding for those of us who can't. And though you don't know me, I'll be cheering you in at the closing in LA. Wishing you a life fulfilled. Brett



All my bst wishes for a succesful and safe trip. I'm very proud of what you. I"m happy to be able to call you my friend.

I will see you next month when I come back to San Francisco


Larz   Nielsen

Jon, RIHGT ON BROTHER you are an inspiration to alot of us living with this disease, I was Diagnosed in 1998 with 24 T-cells today they're up to 564 and I registered yesterday to do lifecycle6 and want you to Know how proud I am to know their are people like you in ths WORLD! Love and Respect,Larz

Larz   Nielsen

That was a moment of dislexia was supposed to be "RIGHT On BROTHER" I'm sure you could have figured that out but I'm anal over such things, KEEP uP the Good Work!!! Larz /[email protected]

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