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Jon Garrison


I'm doing it again. Why? Wasn't last year enough? Close to 1,000 miles of training, hundreds of hours getting my body fit, worrying about raising enough funds to be part of the event, waking at 4AM way too many times to ride across the cold and foggy Golden Gate Bridge, tired, tired, and more tired. So why am I doing it again? Because AIDS still exists. It's real and tangible, present and fatal, and it knows no social or racial boundaries. I ride because I need to. Am I crazy? Perhaps. Committed? Most definitely. Through this ride I've been validated, come to terms with my disease, and found the strength to not only tell my own family, but the entire world. Today I shout proudly, I am alive... I am a 25 year old second year rider who has been living with HIV for the past five years.

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Kathy Beck

I've been stalking you via your blog and I think it is finally time that I let you know just how proud I am of you. It isn't just for the ride, it is for everything you have done, the obstacles you are facing head on. I may not be riding a bicycle for miles and miles, and I may not have HIV, but you're an inspiration to me too Jon. Best of luck with the rest of the ride, I am and will continue to be thinking of you. And don't fear the tears, a good cry (or 10!) makes everything better.

Mom and Dad

First off, Jon....Mom says to watch your (told you I was going to do that).

I can't imagine how you keep going day after day. I'm not sure I'd do the ride in my Honda, let alone on a bike (or in a dress). Hope you have a great day today. Love ya lots. Mom and Dad

PS - Light a candle for us tonight. We've become a part of it all through you.

Larz   Nielsen

Jon, Keep on Biken, Your such an Insperation I wish I was there this year Or just able to see you in LA PRIDE PARADE however circumstances have arose that make "WEHO"(LA) pride out of the Question, But I will be taking advice from Riders on my Red Dress for next year!LOL you see us Queen's here in the High Desert Do'nt wear dresses oh I guess their are a few, But I never have nor do I dorn my TIARA but I sure can So anyone with Advice on a red dress it would greatly be appreciated Jon, should I have a tight one!!! Much Love and Respect, Larz/ [email protected]

Joe Knowland


Have been reading your daily commendary. As a former journalist, I give you a five-star rating for composing a very entertainingly informative piece of work.

I have two very close friends (Cindy Houts and Joe Sharit) who are first timers on this "Journey Of
a Life Time," and it is through your commnentary my wife and I are able to share their challenging experiences relating to your mutual endeavors.

They, together, raised over $13,000 in their extra effort to participate in this personal and growing

Sending you my Best Personal Regards, while wishing you Safe and Rewarding Journey where ever life takes you.

Joe Knowland
Former Editor/Publisher
Oakland Tribune

Scott Markham

I just stumbled upon this page, and you are. You're amazing. Hope all is well.

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