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<--That's me taking the pic of the lighthouse from last year (in the video window). Danny Baker #4112 (ALC8). Cool.

See you soon! Wooo hooo.

Good Luck a3 I know you can do it

Alicia, KK, Amy, and Hope I think you are awesome for doing the ride and good luck on your journey

Holly and all all the cyclists! You will be awesome. This will be an incredible experience. I'm proud of you! Stay strong.

Go Riders! You are all incredible! So Proud of my love,Steve Timinskas and his posse Eric Belcher,Kristina Fejes,Mark Manchester,and Kenny Williams.

hello TEAM OC riders
stay strong and be safe
see ya in los angeles

Hi Eddie Gomez!
We were just thinking about you. Hope you are enjoying the AIDS ride; I admire you for doing this for such a great cause. Good luck! :)

-Narayan, Henny, & Chandra

ride on heidi p. we are so proud of you x.& max good luck tomorrow

Robin Jerome & Moses
Please take care and look after yourselves.New Zealand is a long way away
But I will be on the website each day.
Wish I were doing it.

Pat Blaustein and Josh Blaustein...we love you and are very proud of you! Thanks for participating in the ride again this year! From, the Moran Clan :)

I know your doin great bestest peddle hard and stay strong, love ya...ASH

Marilou, I'm so proud of you!! You will do great--get your ride on!!
Love you! Amy

For Sam Timberg -
I told you I would follow you along the way - Please know, lots of positive thoughts are coming your way! Godspeed -

For Todd Peter and his groupies....
I'll be following along the way each and every day - stay positive, strong, and have lots of fun. Love You All! Jayne


We are rooting for you.

audrey and karen

Hey Team UTAC riders & roadies,

Ride safely! I'll be waiting for you at the closing.

Miss you all.


Dude! You know your our hero!
Always living, always giving.
We love you.
Mom & Howard

I rode my first ALC last year as a novice bike rider training in the Michigan winter. One year ago I was nervous of the miles ahead, in awe of the strength and power in me and everyone surrounding me, appreciative of the support and love and encouragement, and joyous and smiling from the outfits, comments, signs, and humor in the group! I had such an incredible time and I am totally nostalgic! I am not there this year but I am thinking about you every day, wishing you a safe, gorgeous, fun, inspiring ride!! Oh, and the roadies rock!!!


Melissa (ALC7 rider #2147)

Hey Siku,

How's it going? Stay Strong!

Luv U 4 & E.,


Great Job everyone, especially my son Mike Porcaro!

My son Tony Hill is riding in his second Aids Life Cycle Ride. He rides im memory of our son, his brother Randy Hill who passed away from aids in June of 2006. Tony we love you and are so proud of you, Keep the face to the sun and the shadows will fall behind you!!
love Mom & Dad

thinking of you and all involved every day. God Speed and HIS love surrounds all of you. You are doing HIS work here on earth.
I love and miss you:)

for heidi wish you are doing well. we think of you every day, you are the best love X Max

Hey Emily, Peter, Courtney, Mark and Craig and Aiden!!! How are yer butts holding up?

Keep up the good riding-to Andrew and Arielle.
Mom and Dad
(Gail and Stan

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