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My name is ruediger and my Sister Silvia Samuelson is participating as a cyclist on this event. I keep track of this event all the way from germany. I wish all the cyclist, roadies and all other helpers the best of luck for this event.As part of the gay community i wish also to say thanx for your work with the aids/hiv foundations.
Keep the wheels turning....

Miss you bestest peddle hard and come home soon

Alicia this comment is from your mom she says hi and she loves you

hi, ruediger!

my wife, betsy burcham, is your sister's tentmate. i saw them off last sunday morning and heard from betsy last night - all is good. very proud of them.

Are we not able to send e-messages of support directly to participants this year? I don't see the link for it. Too bad - I always liked getting those when I was a rider.

Hi Tony,

Way to go, Debbie! So proud of you...keep on pedaling.

Dar and Terry

Hi Tony, we are proud of you, keep on pedaling!!

mom & Dad


Sarah Cohen, all of us at ODL are thinking of you every day and trying to catch a glimpse of you, unsuccessfully so far.

Hey, Doug - found the website and your blog! So glad the ride is going well. So proud of you! Will be watching every day. Love, h's and k's! Bonnie

Way to go Jackie D! Two down and five to go. Have a ball.
Love, Dad


Will u ever get this? One out of 3,000? We are so proud of you! Thinking of you and this amazing journey you are on!

Janet and Abe

Hey K
So very proud of you! Thinking of you every day, prayers are with you, have an awesome trip, stay strong. Luv ya lots, Mom


Aindreas! I'm SOOOO incredibly proud of you. I can't wait to see you on Saturday!

Hi Gutendaddy

Thanx for the Info. If theres a way let them and everybody else know that we are very proud of them.
We keep watching .
And once again , thanx for keeping me informed....
keep those wheels burning

hey lynne, devin, ramon and carol, i'm sending you good vibes on this rainy day 3 (or so says my weather app). can't seem to send individual messages of support; the link doesn't work. hope your ride has been fabulous so far! oxo ~c

Hope your day 3 went well a3 stay strong and be safe

E---v---ie! Rider #4110... Where ARE you? Hope you're strong and breathing well and having a great time! We miss you! Love, jeanie and all the staff and urchins

hi ruediger,

been speaking nightly with the girls. everything is great. betsy said last night that they have been taking lot's of pix - wish there were some of them posted on this site. betsy participant no. is 1417, so perhaps we can get a look soon. i'll be there on saturday to meet them. will relay to sis you message.

silvia und betsy uber alles!

- gdaddy

Tony Z, The Dubina family is keeping up on the ride every day! We are so proud of you. Ride safe. I have the best brother ever!!!

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