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Dusty Klass


The basics: My name is Dusty (and yes it’s short for Dustin, and no I am not a guy…and yes, my parents are a little weird.) I’m 20 years old, this will be my second ALC, and I like French toast. A lot. I also like falafel, Thai iced tea, deviled eggs, and this one salad my mom makes with gorgonzola and pears and walnuts. I’m THE average American woman in height and weight and hair color and eye color and blah blah blah…I try to make up for my ‘normalness’ by being…odd. I’m not sure if I ever succeed. But I digress.

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, I moved to Santa Barbara in the fall of 2004 to begin my first year at UCSB. Sometime during that first quarter, I attended my first and last Red Cross Club meeting, during which someone came to talk about AIDS/Lifecycle. I’d broken up with my boyfriend the summer before due to different college destinations, and I was still reeling a little bit. Call me crazy (and so many did =), but I kind of felt like this would be the perfect way to get over him. It also seemed like a wonderful challenge. Who in their right mind rides a bike 585 miles?? Lastly, AIDS is one of those things that just won’t go away. And it needs to. There are people who will never BE 20 because of AIDS. And that just sucks.

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